Sony shut down a companys plan to sell custom PS5 covers – Engadget

If you’ve been following the leadup to the PlayStation 5’s November 12th release date, you’ll know that a company called PlateStation had emerged in mid-October to offer a way for people to customize the new console. For $40, the startup offered to sell would-be PS5 owners a set of panels to replace the PS5’s stock white ones. At the time, you could buy the plates in a variety of colors, including chromatic silver, cherry red, black, blue or jungle camo. But no more due to the threat of legal action from Sony. 

Over the weekend, PlateStation, which has since rebranded to Customize My Plates, said it has had to cancel all panel orders due to “patent and intellectual property issues.” The company told VGC Sony’s lawyers said Customize My Plates would end up in court if it continued to sell the panels.