Election results live: Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania – CNN

Maricopa County, Arizona, may be an “opportunity” for Trump in his path to 270 electoral votes, CNN’s John King said as the President continues to chip away at Joe Biden’s lead in the state.

“It’s the flip of what we’ve seen in Georgia and Pennsylvania,” King noted, referencing Biden’s recent leads in those states.

The latest update from the state’s most populated county, which is also home to Phoenix, show that Biden’s lead in the state is shrinking. The Democratic presidential nominee gained 28,285 votes. Trump gained more — 31,716 votes.

“Six in 10 votes in Arizona are cast in Maricopa County,” King said, adding that with each update from the county in the past 24 hours, “the President is consistently coming out on top.”

Trump won Maricopa County in 2016 and while the suburban shift has been helping Biden across America, King noted that Maricopa County is not a “blowout Democratic county” like Philadelphia is.

“This is the opportunity for the President, the possibility. He still has a long way to go. But we have seen it consistently when we get these batches of vote, that the President — not by a ton — but he’s chipping into the lead,” King added.

After this update, Maricopa County still has about 140,000 ballots to count. In total, Arizona still has about 220,000 statewide ballots to report, CNN’s Kyung Lah reports.