Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis Colts, Lucas Oil Stadium, Week 9, Gus Edwards, Offense, Lamar Jackson –

Five thoughts on the Ravens’ 24-10 win over the Indianapolis Colts Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium:

A loss would have been easily explained. A bunch of starters didn’t practice all week due to COVID-19. Key players were missing, especially on defense. The offensive line was overwhelmed by the Colts’ super-fast defense in the first half. It just felt like one of those Sundays when the Ravens had too much going against them. Even though they were somehow just three points behind at halftime, things didn’t look good. What happened? The Ravens had another gear and the Colts didn’t. Lamar Jackson and the offense picked up the tempo and started moving the ball, controlling the clock for vast stretches. A deficit became a lead, and then, a bigger lead, which the Ravens’ shorthanded and inspired defense had no trouble protecting. In the end, it added up to one of the Ravens’ most important and satisfying wins of the season, not just another “W.” They’ve struggled when playing from behind and when faced with on-field adversity, as many analysts have noted. This was a response to that criticism, and if you want to take it as a sign the team is toughening, I won’t argue. “It took a lot of courage and mental toughness to win that game,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said.